Charlotte Meryman

Freelance Availability

I take on new work as my schedule allows. If you would like to speak with me about a writing, editing or photography project, please click on the Contact link, below.

Ties That Bind

For the past decade, I have been photographing and writing about my family and the rambling Maryland farm where I grew up. From 2009 to 2011, I posted many of my images on a daily photoblog (see Photo Archives link at left). Much of my work has focused on my brother Henry, who was born with developmental delays and suffered from mental illness for most of his adult life, and on my mother, who continued alone on the farm for six years after my father's death in 2010, until her own in 2016. Henry died in 2013. As we now let go of the farm itself, I continue to explore themes of love, loyalty and loss, and look for new ways to tell my story.

The links below connect to five series of photos of Henry.

Selected Works

After a brother’s difficult life, his sisters find a way to help bring him peace
Raising a girl forces a tomboy mother to make peace with her own femininity
For the author's sister, a disappointing end to a 20-year effort
First in a three-year series following the family of a young boy recently diagnosed with autism
A year of intensive treatment leads to tension, turmoil and mixed results
As kindergarten begins, disturbing questions remain
Seven years later, an update on the series The Race to Reach Elijah
A four-part series about the triumphs and challenges of raising a child with special needs
A personal story of friendship and mental retardation
Dispatches from the front lines of the breastfeeding battle
Three years on a sailboat changes life for a young family
How one woman's passion for detail brought an antique house back to life