Charlotte Meryman

Jimmy Foard plants a kiss on the cheek of his little sister, Maddie. Photo courtesy Michelle Foard

A Different Kind of Normal

Born with a rare chromosomal disorder, Jimmy Foard of Longmeadow, Massachusetts, faces a host of developmental challenges. This four-part series, published in Wondertime magazine in 2006, follows his family as they help him learn and grow. Wondertime has since ceased publication, but the first three installments are still available online through the links below. Video updates on the story unfortunately are no longer available.

Selected Works

After a brother’s difficult life, his sisters find a way to help bring him peace
Raising a girl forces a tomboy mother to make peace with her own femininity
For the author's sister, a disappointing end to a 20-year effort
First in a three-year series following the family of a young boy recently diagnosed with autism
A year of intensive treatment leads to tension, turmoil and mixed results
As kindergarten begins, disturbing questions remain
Seven years later, an update on the series The Race to Reach Elijah
A four-part series about the triumphs and challenges of raising a child with special needs
A personal story of friendship and mental retardation
Dispatches from the front lines of the breastfeeding battle
Three years on a sailboat changes life for a young family
How one woman's passion for detail brought an antique house back to life